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The Lost Coin

I tend to lose items all the time. Last week it was my keys, and I still can’t find them! Now I’m a getting frustrated as the days pass by. Did you know there’s a story in the Bible about a woman who lost a coin? (You can find this story in Luke 15:8-10). This woman had ten silver coins, but lost one. She truly wanted to find it, so she lighted a lamp, swept the house and searched carefully until she finally found


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For Families of sex workers

Are you the family member of

someone in the legal sex industry?

We are here for you!

You are a parent and you discover that your beloved son or daughter is working in the sex industry and you are devastated. Everything flashes through your mind from "whose hands are they in and what are they going through or being exposed to?" to "what if our friends and family find out?" You remember back to their childhood when they blew bubbles, played with dolls or cars and their purity and innocence was preserved. And of course underneath it all is the big question: "What can or should I do?"

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